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For those of you who like Speed, I just started a Speed blog :)

Dr. Choi Sooyoung

IU before and after finding out that Gain is going to hear everything she said about her. 

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Yonghwa’s first day in L.A.

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Happy Birthday to our one and only Food Goddess, Choi Sooyoung. Time flew so fast and now you’re 24/25 years old since the 10th of February year 1990! Getting older eh? but stay the Choi Sooyoung we knew, the bubbly, intelligent, loving, sexy, beautiful and *insert hundreds of adjectives that describes you*. You’re one of the 9 person i know that has her own flaws full of perfection(s). Wishing you a healthy life and a successful career for SNSD’s comeback and more activities in the near future! Kyung Ho is so lucky to have you, especially your eight sisters, your family and us, SONE. We will always be here for you! Happy Birthday Shikshin! I love you Sooyoung-ah!

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★ Tabi’s pout appreciation

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please, come to my school ㅠㅠ

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Happy 30th Birthday, Hangeng!

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Happy birthday king of hearts, you are too lovely for words and we inspirits will love you always, forever and ever, infinitely 

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♥ #ItsMjupDay
 ♥ Happy Birthday, Moon Jongup!! 140206 

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Park Jimins’ casual but classy way of ruining your life.

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